Online Casino Sites: An Introduction to Slots

Online casino tactics and recommendations for the best casino sites

Rebecca MurphyRebecca Murphy
September 7th, 2022
Casino sites
A guide to playing slots on online casino sites

The casino world is now well and truly centred on diversity, with gambling covering a vast selection of gaming options.

Whilst made famous by brick-and-mortar casino establishments, people are now taking to the internet to play their favourite casino games, including slots. With the digital slots market growing year-on-year, we are seeing more choices, more big wins and most importantly, more slots bonuses!

If you are new to slots and want to learn more about how to play, what to play and ways in which you can increase your winning odds, then we would love to help. Below, we have created a brief introduction to online slots; we hope it helps!

What Are Online Slots?

Online slots offer a digital version of your conventional casino fruit machine.

While there are many myths and legends surrounding how slots actually work, the format is simple. You will have a screen presented with reels that feature images. Classic slots images include cherries and bells. The aim is to spin the wheel and match the images up in a line. These lines are called ‘Paylines'. The number of Paylines a slot machine will pay out on differs from slot to slot.

It is, however, the unpredictability of where the wheel will stop that makes online slots such an adrenaline-pinching game.

RNM (Random Number Generator)

Like any gambling format, slots are all about luck and probability. While many will argue that there is a skill to beating the computer, no research has ever really proven a winning tactic. If you have started looking into slots, you may wonder how the wheel knows and decides to stop. Well, in every single slot game, there will be an RNG (Random Number Generator), one that creates random number sequences.

Basically, the computer corresponds to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine, purposely spinning the wheel to random points every time. 

 So, when you press the ‘spin' button, your fate is in the hands of the computer.

There Are Different Types of Slots

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What makes a great online slot game?

While fruit machines may conjure up feelings of nostalgia, revisiting memories of being in the arcade as a child, the slot market encompasses a whole lot more than that. The format has crowned many players millionaires, even in the last 24 hours! Being an easy game to play, it has inevitably been revised and repackaged over the years. Now, online players, in particular, can play all sorts of slot variations. Below is a breakdown of the most popular:

  • 3-reel slot games: The 3-reel slot game is, as you can imagine, a slot with 3 reels; the conventional slot style that we have all grown to know and love. You may also see a 3-reel slot referred to as a 'single line slot machine' and is the most basic of slot games. As a result, this type of game is a great place to begin when starting out on your slot journey.
  • Video slot games: Video slots add an extra layer on top of the 3-reel slot. With additional paylines, high-quality animations, bonus symbols, wilds, free spins and much more; video slots boast the entertainment factor. Usually themed around favourite shows, movies and books, video slots are both aesthetically great and offer more winning opportunities than the humble 3-reel alternative.
  • Bonus slot games: A Bonus Slot game is simply a conventional combination with an added round, the bonus round. This exciting round is triggered when a certain combination of symbols appears on an active payline. In recent years, slots with bonus rounds have become the norm, with players swaying towards online casino options that incorporate such exciting features.
  • Free spins slot game: Being such a competitive space, online casinos are always fighting one another to win your business. This is certainly the case when it comes to online slots. As a result, freebies and promotions are always obtainable. Now, on most online casinos, you will be able to play free spins slot games, a risk-free way of testing a slot game without parting with any money. These games usually come as part of a new player promotion.

What Are Wilds?

In essence, ‘Wilds' are symbols; ones that, if landed on, can be a real game-changer. For instance, imagine you are playing on a 5-reel slot and you have 4 cherries and a lemon on a payline. This is a losing game, right? Well, if the lemon is a ‘Wild' then absolutely not. With the ability to transform into the symbol you need, Wilds can be the difference between a catastrophic loss and a wonderful win!

In our opinion, Bet365 boasts some wonderful slots with Wild symbols. From Davinci Diamonds and Rhino Respin to Premium Slots such as Spin Reely, if it is Wilds you are after, be sure to sign up with Bet365.

Choosing the Right Casino Sites to Play Slots On

While the graphics and winning odds of a slot game will differ from one online casino to the next, the premise of the game will always remain the same. This is why it can often feel hard to choose between one casino site and another. Below are just a few things to consider before parting with your money and pressing that ‘Play' icon.

  • Are there any free bonuses or free spins to claim?
  • What are the casino's payout terms?
  • Do they have good customer reviews?
  • What other casino options are available on the site?
  • Is there a loyalty promotion?
  • Are the graphics clean and crisp?
  • Are the slot games accessible on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops?
  • Is the casino easy to navigate?

While all of the above may not be important to you, in order to enjoy the best slot experience, you do need to put some thought into choosing the right casino for your style of gaming.

Where to Play Slots: Our Top 10 Casino Sites Recommendations

Having been working with online slot providers for many years, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about what constitutes a good casino. In our opinion, the below casinos are currently offering the best selection of slots and the most attractive slot bonuses:

All offering great new player bonuses and introductory packages now is a good time to sign up to new casino sites!